Individual Psychotherapy

In her work with individuals, Dr. Solomon considers the person in the context of his or her relationships. She sees the way adults interact with others at work, with friends, and with family members, as recreating the relationships with the first important people in their lives.

individualtherapyMany of the ways people learn to be in relationships early in life are replicated in all their relationships throughout the lifespan. The primary needs to be understood, acknowledged, known and accepted, exist throughout life. The pain of not having those needs met early on leads to measures designed to protect the vulnerable self.  Once the brain locks in these protective defenses, it becomes the way that they relate to everyone, including their therapist.

Where early emotional traumas have thwarted growth, the goal is to unblock defenses and move forward to heal these traumas and develop effective ways of relating. Treatment is designed to use the interactions in the therapeutic relationship to find new ways to interact with others in their lives.