Treatment of Couples

Dr. Solomon has been writing and speaking on the subject of “The Wonder Of We In A Culture Of Me,” for many years. In her Book, “Lean On Me,’ published in 1996, she wrote about the healing nature of nurturing in intimate relationships and believes that our modern focus on being autonomous and independent, loving oneself, nurturing the self, and avoiding co-dependence, we have been neglecting the importance of responding and nurturing each other. While recognizing the necessity of avoiding destructive co-dependence, she focuses on the importance of positive dependence; the enabling resources and nurturing strengths in one another.

coupleroundIn her work with couples, she helps the partners see how old emotional traumas may interfere with growth and make people wary of closeness. She reframes complaints that partners have about each other in ways that help them both see that these are normal reactions to past wounds. The work takes them out of the realm of shame and blame, and into the light of understanding and growth.

She believes that too often people end relationships without understanding the reasons for their difficulties. The goal is to give people a better chance of healing their relationship and in the process, healing their past wounds.  Dr. Solomon has developed a model of couples’ therapy that integrates the psychodynamic understanding of early attachment bonds, a sensorimotor approach to how emotions are held in the body, a family systems approach to the parts people play in their family dynamics, and an IMAGO therapy approach to helping people communicate with each other.

In Solomon's approach,  partners are seen together in treatment.   The couple is the patient.